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pexels-photo-953075.jpegThis year I am hosting my wife’s family for Easter! This will be my first time hosting a family holiday and so I have been doing quite a bit of planning and prepping so that the day goes off without a hitch! I’m going to share with you my general time line for prepping as well as some details of my Easter plans…

Depending on the size of your party you can of course tailor these plans to work for your event.

two weeks before:

You will want to decide on a theme for your party or event. Picking a theme does not need to be over complicated or fancy however choosing a general idea or theme will help you while making decisions on decor, food, anything you need to rent or buy as well as what you should wear. I’ve decided to make my Easter theme very spring inspired with a large emphasis on flowers.

Once you have your theme chosen you will want to come up with a general idea of how much you want to spend on your event. Again this does not need to be extravagant but it’s always best to know generally how much you want to spend so that you are not going overboard on items that are not necessary.

You will want to make sure you have enough table space for all of your guests to have a seat. You are also going to want to make sure you have enough plates, wine glasses, champagne flutes, soup bowls, serving platters, napkins, etc, etc… if you do not always reach out to family and friends before you go around buying new things just for a party (this is where you can blow your budget if you’re not careful). For example my dinning room table seats 6 normally however i am having 11 guests for Easter so I reached out to my mother in law who had a folding table I can barrow. I am going to arrange it at the end of my table creating a long table with enough room for everyone. 

This is a good time to being menu prepping as well. This will give you some time to reach out to guests and see if there is a dish someone wants to bring to share, if there are any allergy’s, preferences, dietary restrictions etc.

My Easter Menu  


Cheese Board including assorted crackers, cheddar, Munster, pepper jack & brie

Traditional anti pasta spread

Homemade bruschetta


I am a vegetarian so my mother in law offered to bring the meat 🙂

Homemade sauce used in a baked ziti with gf pasta

Candied yams (requested by my wife)

Mashed potatoes

Green beans

Deviled eggs (my sister-in-law makes these)


Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes  with vanilla frosting and an adorable flower design on top made with m&m’s ( i found the inspo for this on pintrest)

Cocktail 🙂

Spiked homemade Arnold Palmer’s

one week before:

At this point you will want to start shopping for any decor needed for your themed tablescape as well as non-perishable food items. I picked up a table-cloth and some beautiful floral cloth napkins that will match my spring theme. My spring centerpiece on my dinning room table is a birch box of blue hydrangea so I will be using that on my Easter table as it fits beautifully with my theme as well. 

Some additional items you will want to make sure you are stocked up on

  • towel paper
  • hand soap
  • air freshener
  • Tylenol
  • bottled water
  • band aids
  • paper towels
  • crafts for children (I picked up adorable Easter themed wooden ornaments that came with a paintbrush and paint for $3 each at the target dollar spot)

three days before:

This is a good point to do a deep clean of your bathroom. Scrub your toilet, shower, pay special attention to the floor around your toilet. Give your medicine cabinet a freshen up. Stock under the sink with items that your guest may need but my not want to ask for (feminine products air freshener, extra toilet paper.) I would also suggest doing a deep clean of whatever room your guests will be spending the most time in. (You will want to go back tot his room the day before your event to freshen up but give yourself a few days before so that you can really get in there and make sure there will be no surprises the day of.)

Finish your grocery shop! Especially if you are hosting a holiday! No one wants to be in the mad rush of the last-minute shoppers.

two days before:

Depending on your menu you may be able to start prepping your food at this point. For example I will be serving a cheese platter, this would be a great time to slice the cheese and store it in Ziploc until I need it. 

This is also a great time to set up any decor as well as set up your tablescape

tidy up around the house!

  • dust and clean all windows and windowsills
  • windex all glass surfaces and mirrors
  • wipe down/vacuum the couch
  • wipe down the garbage
  • wipe down the kitchen appliances

Run through your to do list and make sure you are not missing anything

day before:

Prepare any foods that will last in the fridge over night.

I will be prepping my candied yams as well as my baked ziti up to the point before they go in the oven so they are ready to go when I get back from church on Easter Sunday. I will all so be baking my cupcakes (I wont frost them until Easter morning) I will put my anti pasta platter together and stick it int he fridge. My bruschetta doesn’t hold up well in the fridge so I will be making that fresh Easter morning as well) I will also be brewing my tea for my homemade spiked Arnold Palmers so it is nice and chilled. 

Set your table! Don’t forget sweet personal touches like place cards, I’m using seed packets 🙂

  • vacuum & mop the whole house
  • give the bathroom sink a wipe down
  • wipe down the toilet
  • do a walk through of each room to make sure everything is as you want your guests to see it

day of:

Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time! I know for me church service is at 10 am so I will need to be up early enough to start my pot of sauce before we leave. My plan of course is to have most everything else prepped so that once I am home from church I can just start pop-ing things in the oven and serving the starters!

I hope this was a helpful read and it inspires you to host an event in your home!

Happy Easter!

xoxo Erin



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