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Tips and Tricks on how to keep Fresh Flowers alive longer

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I love having fresh flowers in my home, but all too often I would find myself getting them home and in a vase only to be throwing them away 3 days later…

Threw this frustration I have managed to come up with a few pretty effective ways to keep my fresh flowers alive longer..

Tip #1:

This is pretty basic and you are probably already doing this but in case you are not, always trim your fresh flowers before you transfer them to a vase. You want to trim about 1 inch off the stem at and angle ( my mother taught me to do this under running water but I’m not sure if that actually affects the outcome.)

Pro tip: use floral shears to avoid crushing the stems with dull scissors

Tip #2:

Also somewhat basic but important nonetheless. Always use the flower food packet that comes included in your bouquet. This will absolutely enhance the longevity of your flowers and keep them looking bright and fresh longer!

Tip #3:

Use warm (not hot) water in your vase, this will encourage your flowers to drink up!

Tip #4:

This is truly what i believe to be the most beneficial tip

Change your flowers water every few days. You will notice the water level in your flowers vase diminishing, keep your eyes on this if your flowers do not have drinking water they will die faster. I usually do this every 2-3 days depending on the water level. You may also notice the water getting cloudy, this is also and indication that the water should be changed. And remember when you change out your water it should be warm!

Pro tip: You will also want to remove any leaves that fall off the flowers and into the water. These leaves with decompose in the water and cause the flowers to die much faster.

Now I by no means have a green thumb, but I do have a bouquet of flowers in my kitchen that I’ve had for 2 weeks looking as bright and fresh as the day I received them. Follow these tips so you too can enjoy beautiful fresh flowers for longer!

xoxo Erin

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